Ending a client's services

If you are no longer providing a service to a client, or wish to stop billing items being generated, you can navigate to the Services tab to:

  1. End a specific service - this will mark that service inactive and remove any future billings for that service. However, all other active services will remain unchanged.

  2. End ALL services for a client - this will mark all services shown for a client inactive. Use this if you wish to end a relationship with a client - e.g., if they leave your business.

Please note: Currently, only Services created from New Proposals can be ended in the services view. Classic proposals will still be managed via a proposal completion. We are working to make this functionality available for Services created from Classic Proposals in the future.

What does ending a service do?

Ending a service will:

  1. Immediately expires that service, marking it as an inactive service - even if it was still within it's minimum contracted date

  2. Immediately archives all future billings for that service from the billing schedule, it will no longer be billed for.

Ending ALL services will essentially do this in bulk for all services shown on the Services tab.

If the client has no active Classic Proposals, the client state will also change to inactive.

How do I end a service?

End a specific service

Click on the specific service you wish to end from the Services tab and select End Service in the details drawer. Confirm the action.

End ALL services

From the Services tab, click End all services. Confirm the action.

Can I undo this action?

No, this action cannot be reversed. Only use this action if you will no longer be providing this service to a client.

To re-create a service, you will need to create a new proposal and have it accepted.

How do I end services for a Classic Proposal?

We currently don't support ending services created from classic proposals in the Services tab, however, we do have plans to make this available in the future.

Classic proposals will continue to be completed. To find out how to complete a classic proposal, read this article.

Why do we no longer 'complete' New Proposals?

New Proposals are records of agreements made with clients that are immutable. They will stay in the "accepted state".

Once accepted, proposals are a record of that agreement only. Management of the client relationship then passes to the specific tabs of the client view, namely:

  1. The Services tab to record and manage the agreed scope

  2. The Billing Schedule to view and manage future billing & payments for that work

  3. The Invoices tab to view and manage historical invoices

This allows for much more context and information to be provided in Ignition for each of those stages of a client relationship.

This also allows you to only end some agreed services provided for a client, rather than ALL services agreed in a proposal.

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