Proposal Statuses

Keeping track of your proposal statuses helps provide a clearer overview of your practice.

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Proposal statuses help you keep track of which stage of the process that your clients are on in your client acquisition funnel.

You can use the Pipeline tab for greater visibility and filter proposals via each status depending on what you wish to view.


Draft proposals are any proposals that have been created and saved.

You can return to these proposals at any time to edit them and send them to your client.

Alternatively, you can also mark these proposals as lost, duplicate them or delete them entirely.

Awaiting acceptance

Awaiting acceptance proposals are proposals that have a live, viewable URL that can be accepted.

They can be proposals which have been sent to the client or proposals that have been manually moved to the Awaiting acceptance status.

These are the proposals that you should be following up on to ensure they are accepted.

You can also click into an Awaiting acceptance proposal to copy the live URL to send to your client manually (e.g. via email, text message...etc).

You can also click Actions and perform the following:

  • Revoke the proposal (move back to Draft manually)

  • Re-send the proposal

  • Accept on client's behalf (move to Accepted manually)

  • Mark as lost

  • Duplicate


Proposals that have been accepted by your client will appear as Accepted.

Accepted proposals can be proposals accepted by your client or proposals that have been accepted on behalf of the client.

Accepted proposals will have an updated Activity log, information on who signed the proposal as well as the time & location of when and where it was accepted.


The Completed status is a status that's automatically applied to proposals that do not have any more active services originating from the proposal.

It allows you to easily identify which proposals have finished billing.

Active services can be ended manually, or they can have an automatic expiration date if you've set them up from the start using billing rules.

Alternatively, you can also edit active services to expire on a certain date if you wish.

Please note: It's not currently possible to end all services associated with a proposal. This feature is being researched and developed.


The Lost status is a status that you apply manually if your client has not accepted the proposal.

Using the Lost status can help you keep track of which proposals that have not been accepted so you can optimise your business.

You can make some conclusions from the proposals marked as Lost to determine what common factor prevents your proposals from being accepted (e.g. client type, services, communication...etc)

Once a proposal is marked as Lost, you cannot change the status of the proposal. If you wish to edit and send the proposal you will need to duplicate it to create a fresh proposal.

You can mark proposals as Lost from a Draft and Awaiting acceptance status.

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