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Pay Using An Online Banking Account (USA Only)
Pay Using An Online Banking Account (USA Only)
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Verify the ACH Payment Method Using Online Banking Details

On the Payment Details section of the acceptance page, choose "Select Account with Internet Banking". Ignition has partnered with Plaid, which provides a secure front-end to your online banking system. Once logged in, clients can select the bank account they wish to use for any immediate or future transactions.

You'll be taken to a widget where you can choose your bank and login:

Once you've successfully logged in and have chosen your bank account, you'll be redirected to the acceptance page displaying and selecting your bank account as your payment method.

Currently Supported Banks

We are now officially supporting 300+ institutions and 1500+ bank accounts around the US with our partner banks. This allows for instant verification and onboarding.

Verify the ACH Payment Method Using Micro-deposits

If your bank isn't supported, you can exit the popup widget and continue to use the existing micro-deposit form. 

Step 1 - select Verify account in 1-2 days (via micro-deposit)

Step 2 - enter Bank Account Name, Routing, and Account Number.

Tip: Make sure the Bank Account Name matches the "Bank Account Holders Name" and not the financial institution

An email will be sent within 48 hours later to confirm these amounts.

No debits will be made unless an account has been verified.

My Bank Is Asking For My Email / Mobile Number

Certain banks require a confirmation to be sent via email or SMS to your mobile phone. If you bank requires this, follow the prompts and confirm the details once you've received the email/SMS.

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