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Filtering Classic Proposals under the Proposal tab

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Please note: This article refers to the Classic Proposal Editor.
For the New Proposal Editor, please see this article on filtering your client list.

Having everything on screen can be quite overwhelming, especially if you already have lots of proposals. Wouldn't it be nice if you could exclude everything else and focus on the engagements you need to work on?

Ignition allows you to filter your classic proposals so you can narrow down your list and make life much easier!

Using Filters

You can filter from any of the different 'states' or choose the 'All' state to filter by all classic proposals in the Proposals tab.

Just click on the tab with the proposal state you wish to focus on.

To narrow down your search even further, you can access the filter bar from the Proposals tab by clicking on the Add Filter button.

This will open a slider from the right hand side where you can choose to filter by a number of different fields.

You can select multiple fields to filter by at one time. Once you've set all your desired filters, click Apply Filters.

e.g. Enable Unbilled Projects, and select a creator to filter all Classic Proposals created by a particular user which have outstanding items that haven't yet been invoiced. 

Saving Filters

If you want to search by this filter frequently, you can save the filter for quick access. Simply click Save Filter next to the filter. You'll be prompted to give it a name for your reference.

Now when you want to recall that filter again, click on Saved Filters on the right-hand to bring up your list of saved filters. You can also delete filters by clicking on the X button next to the filter you want removed.

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