Proposals 4: Payments, Terms And Automation (2 mins)

Collect payment details upfront, select & customize your engagement letter and utilize our workflow integrations!

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This article covers the three remaining tabs of proposal creation - Payments, Terms and Automation. These areas are more concise it's easier to combine them here and breeze through them.

Interactive demo

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Customizing payment settings while drafting a new proposal

If you are using Ignition Payments, this step allows you to collect payment details from your clients when they accept your proposal. You can choose to allow or disallow a particular payment method by enabling/disabling them on this step by using the toggles.

Disabling both credit card and direct debit/ACH will disable payments entirely on the proposal.

Keep in mind if you make changes to this proposal, it will only affect this proposal and will not affect other proposals you have created. Nor will it affect your default Payment Policy settings.


The Terms tab is where you can select the specific terms document that you would like to use for this proposal. Your default terms will automatically be selected.

If you would like to attach a different terms template, you can do so by selecting the correct one from the dropdown box on the right.

If you need to edit the terms template, click Edit β†’ select the template and make changes.

If you wish to add a new template, you can do so by clicking Edit β†’ Add template.

Please note: Any changes you make will carry across to any draft proposals and any new proposals that you create from that point forwards.


The New Proposal Editor currently supports Karbon and Zapier workflow integrations. These are managed in the background and will not show in the Automation step.

Click below for more information regarding the different integrations:

Now that you've built your proposal, the next step is to preview and edit the client experience before you send it out to your client!

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