Duplicate clients in QuickBooks

Troubleshooting tips for client duplicates occurring in QuickBooks and Ignition

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Ignition facilitates a 2-way sync of client information to QuickBooks - it connects your Ignition clients to QuickBooks clients through Mapping. When client databases are connected, there is a potential for client data duplication. This guide will provide with troubleshooting tips to help you prevent client duplications between QuickBooks and Ignition.

To better understand how data flows between Ignition and QuickBooks generally, please read this article.

How do client duplicates occur?

We automatically link your clients in Ignition to your clients in QuickBooks based on the selected name during the proposal creation process.

The most common way duplicate clients are created is when names do not match therefore creating a new client in Ignition and QuickBooks.

πŸ’‘ Best practice tip: Create new clients using the proposal creation process. This allows you to search QuickBooks for existing clients and creates Ignition clients from the QuickBooks client.

Troubleshooting duplicate client data in QuickBooks

To make the correct QuickBooks client mapped in Ignition, we advise that you edit the client mapping in Ignition and then make the duplicate client in QuickBooks inactive.

To edit the QuickBooks mapping on a client in Ignition, navigate into a specific client β†’ Edit Client β†’ Apps tab β†’ Select the entity you want to link to.

Remember to click Save Client in the top right-hand corner to save your changes!

Now, you can make the duplicate client in QuickBooks inactive. See this QuickBooks Support article for more details.

If 'client name sync' is enabled (read here), then each time new invoices are created in QuickBooks by Ignition, the contact name in QuickBooks will be updated to match Ignition. This is a one-way sync from Ignition to QuickBooks - changes in QuickBooks will not be reflected in Ignition.

Alternatively, you can utilize the Merge Duplicate Client tool available only in QuickBooks Accountant. See this QuickBooks Accountant Support article for more details.

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