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Managing and billing your clients
Managing and billing your clients
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The individual client’s detail page is where you can manage their services, billing, invoices, and more!


The Summary tab gives you an overview of the client's proposals, contact details and payment methods at a glance. From this tab, you can edit the client details by clicking on the Edit Client button at the top right-hand corner.


The Services tab lists any agreed services that are active from a proposal.

If you click into a service on the list, you will be able to view the Summary with the Payment Method, Schedule of billings and Activity of the specific service. To stop billing, you can edit the service or end the service here.

If you wish to add a new service, you can do so by creating an Instant Bill or alternatively send your client another proposal.

Billing Schedule

The Billing Schedule tab is where you can view the future billing of that specific client and their payment methods.

You can bill services manually by confirming the price and quantity and then issuing the invoice. Or schedule an invoice to be sent automatically in the future.

You have complete flexibility with your automatic billing schedule and you can edit the details of these items prior to Ignition automatically invoicing. You can also change the item to manual if you’re unsure when billing will occur.

Payment method activity

You will be able to see what payment methods are currently being used in the Payments section within a client’s Summary tab or Billing Schedule tab.

Click Manage to view all payment methods on file, make changes and view activity.


The Invoices tab is where you can view the past billing of that specific client. Click on an invoice to view more details, re-send it to a client, schedule payment collection or manage rejected payments.

Connect to your ledger (QBO/Xero) to test out sending an invoice to yourself.

🎉 Now that you've experienced client billing, head back to Get Started to complete your other tasks!

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