Preparation to create proposals in bulk

If you wish to create proposals in bulk, here are some preparation tips to ensure a smooth process!

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If you have multiple proposals that you need to create and send, take advantage of our bulk proposal creation process!

This process is most suitable when you need to create more than 10 proposals.

Prerequisite: Create proposal templates

Proposal templates are an efficient way to create a new proposal, giving you a kick-start to the proposal-building process! You can use proposal templates to:

  • Get high-quality proposals sent out faster while saving time

  • Standardize client engagements by creating templates your entire team can use with less hand-holding

  • Simplify your proposals by creating standardized templates for your most popular services

Accessing and editing your proposal templates

Before you begin creating proposals in bulk from a template, ensure that your templates are up-to-date.

You can access proposal templates in your Ignition account from the Library tab β†’ Proposals or within the New Proposal Editor by clicking Templates in the top right corner.

πŸš€ Pro-tip: Use "relative" dates for billing rules when creating proposal templates. We recommend using on-acceptance or tying the start date to the proposal start (which could include a delay) as this will make templates easier to reuse year on year.

Prerequisite: Review your client list

Before you begin to bulk-create proposals from a template, check that your client details are fully populated.

To review and update your client list, you can export your client list by navigating to your Clients tab β†’ Export β†’ Clients.

Download the CSV file once it is sent to your email (or once you receive it from our team).

In the CSV file, check to make sure the following fields are not blank:

  • Client Name (Column B)

  • Contact Name (Column I)

  • Contact Email (Column J)

If you do not have any blank fields, simply continue to the next section!

Otherwise, follow the steps below to correct this.

If you have blank fields

If any of those above fields are blank, simply fill them out and then save the CSV file. Be careful not to make any changes to any other fields - especially the Client ID field (Column A).

Then, click the Import button in your Clients tab and import the CSV file to your account to bulk update your entire client list.

Ready to start creating proposals in bulk?

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