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With the price increase feature, you can automatically apply a price increase when renewing client proposals to boost revenue. This feature simplifies and automates the process of applying price increases to renewals and new proposals, ensuring efficiency and consistency.

Utilize the renewal feature to create proposals in bulk that are due for a price increase. In the Service step of the proposal editor, enter the percentage increase you wish to apply to all services in your proposal with the ability to round and customize, if necessary.

Let's learn how to make price increases!

Interactive demo

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How to use the price increase feature

The price increase feature is available in the Services step of the proposal editor. Click Apply price increase to open the price increase feature.

Enter the percentage you would like to increase each service by to on the proposal.

Enable pricing rounding and by what dollar amount. The rounding applies to each service and to the pre-tax price.

Click Apply and this will apply the price increase to each service on the proposal.

How to use the price increase feature on renewal proposals

Use the price increase feature when creating renewal proposals. Start in the Pipeline tab and filter for your Accepted proposals.

Then, select all the proposals that you wish to renew → click Renew.

Once all of your renewal proposals has been created, ensure that you review them and make any adjustments first.

Then when you are editing the renewal proposal, navigate to the Services step and the Price Increase feature will open automatically.

Select the percentage that you’d like to increase your services by and enable the rounding toggle if you prefer neater, round pricing.

Click Apply when you are done and all of your services will be increased by the percentage that you specified!

Please note: This does not increase your service library’s prices. You will need to do this separately.

Your client's experience

It’s incredibly important to communicate early and often with your customers about increased prices. Ideally, we suggest sending out an email blast to all of your clients one month before their agreement is due for renewal to advise them early.

Then, remember to include a similar email in the renewal proposal when their agreement is due for renewal.

Utilize our new email template to communicate the price increase to your clients. Select the Price Increase email template in the Presentation step of the proposal editor under the Email section.

To access and customize the email template, navigate to the Templates tab → Emails.

🚀 For tips & email templates, see our best practice guide to raising your prices.

Your experience in Ignition

A new section has been added to the Ignition Weekly Summary email. The Due for Renewal section will highlight proposals that are ending soon and may be due for a renewal and a price increase.


Does the price increase apply to each service?

Yes, the price increase will be applied to each individual service's price before tax.

Can I use the price increase feature again on the same proposal?

Currently, no. You can only use the price increase feature once. You can edit the price of your services in the Service step or create a new draft proposal to start from scratch.

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