Managing payment details in Ignition
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Managing Existing Payment Details

If your client has already provided payment details to you through any of the methods described in the Options for Adding New Payment Details to a Client Record article, you have the ability to manage those details.

Actions you can take when managing existing payment details include: 

  1. Deleting a payment from the client record, 

  2. Switching a payment method on a proposal, or 

  3. Switching off payments

Below are three areas of the app where you can manage existing payment details, depending on what you want to do. 

1. Managing Payment Details on the Client Page

Payment details can be managed on the Client Page.

Go to Clients, choose the client you want to update, then click on the Billing Schedule tab.

The Payment Details interface should be on the right-hand side. From here you can

  • Delete an existing payment method or

  • Add a new payment method to the client record (Note: adding a new payment method in the client record WILL NOT automatically associate this with any active proposals. See Managing Payment Details On A Proposal, below)

Alternatively, you can click Manage client payments to swap an existing payment method to another. Please see here for more details.

Can you edit an existing payment detail on file?

Unfortunately, you cannot edit an existing payment method, even if the expiry date is the only detail that has changed (for example). The details are stored securely for compliance purposes, so editing is not possible. 

Note: To remove an expired payment detail (or one your client no longer wishes to use), you'll have to remove the details from any proposals that they are assigned to, including completed proposals. The easiest way to do this is to select another payment method, or choose "arrange payment manually" on proposals that uses the payment detail you wish delete first before deleting it. 

Once you've received the new details, you can add them back to your proposals that you wish to collect payments on.

Please note: We are currently unable to update payment methods on New Proposals. This feature is currently under development - stay tuned for updates!

2. Managing Payment Details on a Proposal

Payment details can be managed on the proposal level for classic proposals. When viewing a proposal in the summary tab, click on Manage Payments. The Payment Details interface should pop up on the right-hand side.

From here, you can:

  • Delete an existing payment method

  • Add a new payment method to the client record

  • Change the payment method on the proposal

Just click on the radio button beside the payment detail you wish to use. The selected payment details are highlighted in blue. If you are changing the payment method, remember to save this. 

All future payments will collect from your chosen payment method. You can also retry rejected payments with the new method or collect on invoices created in the past.

Note: Changing a proposal's selected payment method won't change the payment method of your client's other proposals if there are any.

If you are using New Proposals and wish to change from one payment method to another, click here for more information.

3. Managing Existing Payment Details on a New Proposal Acceptance Page (managed by your client)

If your client has previously provided you with payment details and they are available in Ignition, your client can manage their payment details themselves on the next proposal they receive or if you send them the Client Payment Details link within the Billing Schedule tab.

When your clients sign a new proposal, or when they click on the Client Payment Details link, they'll be able to:

  • Enter a new payment method

  • Delete a payment method they no longer want to use

Bonus: For more help with using Payments in a proposal click here.

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