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Why does Ignition sometimes create multiple invoices?
Why does Ignition sometimes create multiple invoices?

Occasionally, you may find that Ignition creates multiple invoices per client. Learn why this may be the case.

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You may have experienced some instances where Ignition creates multiple invoices on the same day for one client.

Here are the reasons this may occur.

Classic vs New Proposals

We currently support two ways of creating proposals - the Classic Proposal Editor and New Proposal Editor.

  • Items from different Classic proposals will always be split into separate invoices, even if the invoice date is the same.

  • Items from different New Proposals can be combined together into one invoice.

Payment methods

If different payment methods are in use (regardless whether they are classic or new proposals), then items will always be split into one invoice per payment method.

Invoicing a client

When you select multiple Billed Manually items from the Billing Schedule and invoice them, it’s possible more than one invoice will be generated.

This will happen if invoices need to be split for the reasons described above. You'll be able to see this and review before confirming and invoicing the client.


We’re going to invoice two items.

Notice that each item comes from a separate Classic Proposal.

When you reach the Review step, you’ll see two separate invoices split out.

After clicking Confirm and invoice, two new invoices will be created for this client.

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