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Transitioning from Classic to the New Proposal Editor
Where can I find my proposals from the New Proposal Editor?
Where can I find my proposals from the New Proposal Editor?

Click your Clients tab to find your proposals created from the New Proposal Editor. Learn about the changes in this article!

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If you’re used to using our Classic Proposal Editor, you may find yourself wondering where to go to find proposals created by the New Proposal Editor!

New Proposals can be found under the Clients tab, in the specific client record.

The Proposals tab now houses all your Classic Proposals and does not contain New Proposals.

This is a small change of habit, but we encourage you to remember that at the heart of every proposal is your client and to click into the Clients tab!

In the Clients tab, we have created a new client view where you can filter by proposal statuses. Learn more about the client list here!

Pro-tip: Save clicks by getting into the habit of searching for clients or proposals via the global account search at the top of every page.

Why aren’t Classic and New Proposals on the same page?

The main reason why Classic and New Proposals aren’t on the same page is because of technical reasons as they’re built on different systems.

However, the holistic reason is that we are focusing on client centricity (i.e. a client first mindset).

Proposals can be thought of as the process to acquire the client relationship and once the proposal has served its purpose, we believe there should be better ways to manage that client relationship rather than through the same proposal.

Imagine a paper proposal or contract.

Once your client signs a paper proposal, you can go refer to it but you don’t deal with the proposal anymore once it is signed as it is immutable - you deal with the client.

If there needs to be changes in scope, services or billing then you and your client would agree on a new paper proposal rather than start adding and crossing things off on the original signed proposal.

How does this relate to Ignition?

We’ve made changes to the management of that client relationship to reflect this in digital form, whereby once the proposal is signed, the proposal then simply becomes a record.

The management of that client relationship on Ignition moves onto the Services tab, the Billing Schedule tab and the Invoices tab.

We hope this provides you with some clarity and insight and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

How do I export proposals from the New Proposal Editor?

The Clients tab has an Export button allowing you to download a CSV file with useful information about your proposals. Read this article for more information.

Future improvements & developments

We are aware that the Clients tab needs to be enhanced to provide easily accessible information. Our team is hard at work developing filters and visibility improvements!

We appreciate your patience as we continue development! Stay tuned for more updates.

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