Add services to your proposal
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This step is where we add services to your proposal and define how they will be billed.

Add new service type

To add another service type, click + Add Service → select the service type → select the service.

Editing billing rules

You can change when and how services in a service type is billed by editing the Billing Rule. You can continue adding services that will be billed the same way by clicking Add service

Preview client experience

Preview the client experience while you build your proposal by simply clicking the Preview button in the top right-hand corner. This opens up a new page where you can see the proposal from your client's perspective!

More ways to customize

There are a few other ways to customize your services in the Services step:

  • Use Projects to break up your Service Groups under headings to clarify different types or phases of work - e.g., initial set-up work vs ongoing work

  • Use Manual Billing Mode if you want to raise invoices yourself instead of having the system do it for you. (Automatic Billing Mode is only available for Fixed Price Type services).

  • Optionally use Proposal Options to provide up to three different options for your clients to choose from (only on Professional and Scale plans)

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