There are a couple of ways to add your services into Ignition:

  1. You can add your services one by one directly inside Ignition.

  2. If you prefer to upload your services in bulk, you can use our Service Import Template to bring the data in. This article will help you achieve this.

Import your service via CSV

1. Head to Library → Services on the left hand side menu and click on Import.

2. This will bring out a slider from the right hand side. From here, click Download the service import template to download a CSV file of the import template.

3. Open the CSV file using a spreadsheet editor of your choice.

4. The top row contains the CSV's headers which tells you what details should be entered in each column.

The second line contains sample service information for your reference. You can delete this row once you've entered your service details.

5. Fill out all the following fields as necessary: Service Name, Description, Billing Type, Price, Estimate Type, Unit Price, Unit Name Min Price, Max Price, Weekly Price, and Terms as necessary. 

Currently, here are the supported Billing Types: when importing services in bulk:

  • upfront

  • on_completion

  • recurring

  • estimate

  • included

Remember to set the Estimate Type (range or unit) if you'll use the estimate billing type. 

If this is a unit Estimate Type, you will have to include the Unit Name field as well (either day, hour, employee, transaction, entity, person, bill or item).

Please note that if you intend to use this service in the Classic Proposal Editor, the unit rate will always show as Hourly.

The Publicly Available column refers to whether you would like this service to be displayed in the web connector.

6. Leave the Service ID (#ID) field blank. Once you upload your services, they'll be assigned an ID. This is useful for bulk editing services using the export function down the track. 

7. Once you're done filling out the CSV, save the file and drag it to the import window.

8. The importer will let you know how many services will be imported from the CSV. The importer will also show if there are any errors found in your CSV. If all's good to go, click on Import Services.

Updating existing services in bulk

If you have an existing service list already created and wish to update them in bulk, here are the steps below.

1. Head to Library → Services on the left hand side menu and click on Export.

2. This will generate a CSV file that will be sent to your email, which can take a few minutes to arrive. When you receive it, download the file and open it.

3. It's important to note that the Service ID field is already populated within the file. Please ensure you do not delete this!

In the CSV file, make all the changes that you like and remember to save the file after you are done.

4. Import the CSV file by clicking on Import and dragging the file into the upload.

5. You are done! You can now refresh your browser and all of the changes will be made to your services in bulk.

Need to edit, remove, or duplicate imported services? Here's a link for some essential functions in-app that will help you manage your services.

If you are having trouble with importing or editing your services, start a conversation with us by using the widget in the bottom-right hand corner of this page, or email us at!

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