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What if my client accidentally pays the invoice twice?
What if my client accidentally pays the invoice twice?

Sometimes your clients may accidentally pay the invoice again, not realising that they are charged automatically through Ignition.

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If you're using Ignition payments, we typically collect payments automatically, meaning clients do not need to pay as long as they have provided a payment method.

You can request a refund in Ignition or do manual transfer back to the client.

Prevention is the best method though, so here are a few things you can do to educate your client:

  1. Advise Client of New Proposal email template

    The first email your client receives to let them know they have a new proposal to accept. Let them know here that if they enter their billing details on the proposal that payments will be billed automatically. 

  2. Accept Proposal Confirmation message template

    This is the message your client sees on their screen as soon as they accept the proposal. We recommend having some text in here to the effect of:

    "If you entered your billing details in, then payment will be deducted on the X day of the month automatically. When you receive your email there is no need to manually make payment."

    (This message will also be automatically emailed to them after they accept.)

  3. Optional

    Send them the invoice after it's been paid and reconciled through the use of Payment Receipt Notifications.

    This notifies clients that the invoice has been paid and there is no further action needed from them.

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