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Below are all the resources you'll need to automate your ITR engagement and workflow process with Ignition and ensure you do not work out of scope. Our templates have been reviewed and qualified by a practicing accountant!

Webinar: How to automate your ITRs with Ignition

Watch our 30 minute webinar below for a step by step guide on how to automate your ITR engagements and workflow using Ignition and our suggested automated app stack:

Setting up your Ignition ITR templates

Please note you are accepting responsibility (and any associated risks) for using these templates in your account. We strongly recommend you double check with your professional association or indemnity insurance provider prior to engaging your clients with these templates.

Step 1. Set up your ITR email notification template

Navigate to the Notifications library and create a new message template.

Next, click into this provided ITR email notification template to copy & paste the information into the new message template. Feel free to tailor the wording of the email before saving.

Step 2. Set up an ITR terms template

You may want to consider creating a new Terms template to send with your ITR engagements so the wording is tailored to your individual clients and includes terms specific to your ITR engagements.

Some of the updates you may want to consider for your ITR Terms Template include:

  • Remove entity related content

  • Add an ATO or Tax Agent Appointment authority

  • Remove terms related to other service offerings to simplify you tax return engagement

To do this, navigate to the Templates library and start a new template or duplicate one of your existing templates and start editing!

Step 3. Create your ITR proposal

Using our provided ITR proposal template

You can use our provided ITR proposal template by clicking on the provided proposal template called Individual tax return with schedules.

Simply make your desired changes once the template is loaded and you can send the newly created proposal to your client.

This provided template offers a standardised ITR solution that can be used to create your ITRs in bulk for Tax Season.

The template includes the following services:

  • Individual Tax Return - Basic, No Schedules

  • Business Schedules

  • Capital Gains Tax Schedules

  • Foreign and Non-Resident Income Schedules

  • Rental Property Schedules

  • Crypto Currency Calculations

The provided template also features a ‘Tax Agent Appointment’ authority which is included in the service terms section of the Individual Tax Return - Basic, No Schedules service to be reviewed.

Once you have selected the provided template you can then make any necessary adjustments to the service pricing, billing, terms & settings before sending the proposal or even saving it as your own Custom Proposal Template.

Creating your own ITR proposal template:

If you want to create your own Custom Proposal Template then you can use this service import template to import our provided ITR services directly into your account.

To do this, simply click into the service import template linked above, download the template as a CSV file and import the ITR services directly into your Ignition Service Library.

Once imported you can then create your proposal and save the ITR proposal as a Custom Proposal Template in addition to sending it off to your clients.

Step 4. Create your ITR Proposals in Bulk

If you have lots of clients you'd like to engage, follow our bulk proposal creation guide and you'll have signed engagements from all your clients in a jiffy!

Feel free to reach out to our support team at or directly to your Key Account Manager to assist with this process.

Additional Tips:

Interested in automatically sending your ITR Checklist to your clients once they’ve accepted their proposal?

Check out this support article to see all the additional automation you can set-up between Ignition and Content Snare to help automate your end-to-end ITR workflow this Tax Season!

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