Proposals 3: Services and Billing (5 mins)

Adding and customizing your services on your proposal. Control WHAT, WHEN and HOW you will bill for your offerings!

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Adding services to a proposal

This step is where we add services to your proposal and define how they will be billed.

Interactive demo

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Adding services

If you're adding services from scratch, click Add service β†’ Select a service.

You can either use our list of example services, use your own services if you've uploaded them, or you can create your own on the fly!

Once you've selected your first service, select how you want to bill - either Recurring, One-off or a Deposit.

πŸ’‘ Note: On Completion billing

When you select One-off, you can select between On Acceptance (defaults to the proposal's start date) or On Completion (defaults to the proposal's end date and displays as "On Completion" to your client).

Next, you can continue adding services that will be billed the same way by clicking Add service.

Alternatively, you can also add another service that will be billed a different way by clicking Add service type.

You can change the way a service type is billed by editing the Billing Rule to however you want to bill. Click here to learn more!

Once you have built out your services, you can also tweak the service descriptions, price type, quantity and specific price of the services offered.

Once you're finished with adding and editing all of the services needed for your proposal, it's time to breeze through the remaining four tabs of proposal creation! (Click to continue)

πŸ’‘ Pro-tip: If you don't want to create the proposal from scratch, you can use our provided proposal templates which gives you real world "out of the box" proposals that you can edit and send to your client super quickly!

Optional customization elements

There are a few other elements you can use in the services step for more customization in your proposals - noted below.
​Note that these are all optional!

  • Optionally use Projects to break up your Service Groups under headings to clarify different areas or Phases of work for clients - e.g., initial set-up work vs ongoing work

  • Optionally use Manual Billing Mode (only for Fixed Price Type services) to instruct the system to not automatically raise an invoice for that service.
    The billing item will be housed in the Billed Manually section instead of the Billed Automatically section in the client's Billing Schedule.

  • Optionally use Proposal Options to provide up to three different options for your clients to choose from

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