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Update Your Ignition Account After a Rebrand
Update Your Ignition Account After a Rebrand

Follow this step-by-step guide to update your Ignition account for firm rebranding or a change in ownership

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If your firm is rebranding, merging or changing ownership, here is your guide to updating your Ignition account accordingly.

Update your company details

To update your company details in your Ignition account, head over to Settings → General. Update the company information such as company name and company email.

Update your logo & branding

To update your logo and branding on Ignition, head over to Settings → Branding. Upload a new logo and select your branding colour.

Update your team

If the domain of the email address is updated or you need to make edits to the users on your Ignition account, head over to Settings → Team to update your user's email addresses.

Update your Subscription & Billing

To update your subscription and billing details (Owner Name, Email Address Credit Card), head over to the profile icon in the top-right corner → Subscription and Billing.

Export + Import Services & Terms

Services: If you are merging or buying another firm with an existing Ignition account, you can export the Services in the Library and import them into the primary Ignition account. Check here to learn more!

Terms Templates: To import terms templates, copy the Terms Template, create a new Terms Template in the primary Ignition account and paste it to seamlessly bring over the formatting and placeholders.

Updates That Require Assistance from Ignition Support

There are a few changes that can only be made in the backend which will require you to reach out to our Support team.

Change your disbursal bank details in Ignition

In order to change your disbursal bank details, follow the instructions below:

  1. Head over to Settings > Payment Gateway.

  2. Press the “contact support” button and this will shoot off an email request to our Support team.

  3. Our Support team will then reply with instructions on how to enter the new linked Disbursal Account details and Client Statement Descriptor.

Change to the principal user on your Ignition account

The creator of the Ignition account is what we call the Principal User and also the billable user. This account gets all the general error notifications and is linked to the billing details of the account. If you would like to update the Principal user, please reach out to our Support team at

Change the Legal Identity Name on your Ignition account

To request an update to the Legal Identity Name on your Ignition account, please reach out to our Support team at

Need some help?

For more guidance, reach out to our Support Team at

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