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Transitioning from Classic to the New Proposal Editor
How to manage proposals from the New Proposal Editor
How to manage proposals from the New Proposal Editor

Coming from our Classic Proposal Editor? Learn the small differences in managing proposals from the New Proposal Editor in this article!

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If you are moving from Classic Proposals to New Proposals, there are a few differences to learn when you want to manage them in a certain way.

Actions like send, move to awaiting acceptance, accepting on behalf of client and deleting are all different in the New Proposal Editor.

Creating proposals

You can create proposals from Provided or Custom proposal templates to save you valuable time with every proposal.

If you have multiple proposals that you need to create and send, take advantage of our bulk proposal creation process!

Sending a proposal

You can send a new proposal when you reach the Send step in the New Proposal Editor.

If you are in the Clients tab and click into a Draft proposal, you can press Review and send to jump straight into the Send step if you’d like to send it as quickly as possible.

The reason why you are unable to send a proposal immediately from the Client record is to ensure that you have checked and reviewed each proposal and make any necessary edits before sending.

Sending proposals in bulk

You can send out proposals in bulk from the Pipeline tab. Proposals must be in Draft or Awaiting Acceptance status and not include any catch-up periods.

Moving to awaiting acceptance

Moving a proposal from Draft to Awaiting Acceptance means that you can generate a live proposal link if you’d like to send that link to your client via email, text message or other means of communication.

The process is very similar to the process of sending a proposal - you perform this action on the Send step of the New Proposal Editor by pressing Move to Awaiting.

Alternatively you can also reach this Send step by clicking into a Draft proposal from the client record and press Review and send.

Like the Send process, this will ensure that you have to check and review each proposal before moving it to Awaiting Acceptance as it generates a live proposal link which can be accepted.

Accepting on behalf of client

In order to accept a New Proposal on behalf of a client, you will need to first move the proposal to an Awaiting Acceptance status.

Once you have done so, navigate to the client record and click on the proposal.

Click Actions → Accept on client’s behalf.

A confirmation screen will appear, asking you to confirm the payment method for this proposal (only appears if you are using Ignition Payments).

You will also need to provide a reason for accepting on your client’s behalf for auditing reasons.

Once you have entered a reason and have selected a payment method, press Accept on Client’s Behalf and this will accept the proposal!

How to accept a Proposal with Options on behalf of the client?

It is not possible to accept a proposal with options on behalf of a client as it defeats the purpose of sending a proposal with options in the first place.

Your client will need to look at the options and be on the live proposal page in order to do this - meaning there’s no reason why they cannot select an option and accept the proposal right there.

If however in the rare case that you accept on behalf of the client with a proposal with options, you will need to Edit the proposal → Remove the options → Move to Awaiting Acceptance → Accept on Client’s Behalf.

Deleting/archiving a proposal

New Proposals cannot be deleted. They can only be archived if they have never been accepted (i.e. Proposals can only be archived if they are in a Draft, Awaiting Acceptance or Lost status)

The reason for this is that once the proposal is signed, the proposal then becomes an immutable record of that agreement - just like a paper proposal where you don’t dispose of the original signed proposal.

In order to archive a proposal, it must be in a Draft or Lost status.

Simply click into the specific proposal from the client record → Actions → Archive.

This will remove the proposal from your client record!

Archiving Awaiting Acceptance Proposals

For proposals that are Awaiting Acceptance, you will first need to revoke this proposal by clicking into the specific proposal from the client record → Actions → Revoke.

This action will change the status from Awaiting Acceptance to Draft, which you then can click Actions → Archive to archive the proposal.


You can create renewal proposals! A renewal is a new draft proposal that’s created from an existing and accepted one. It uses all the information from the existing proposal and helps you transition and update your service offering.

Proposal Conversations

The New Proposal Editor currently doesn't support internal comments or external conversations.

If this is a critical part of your process we’d love to hear from you!

Please submit your feedback in-app via your Profile → Give Feedback button or via our What's New page here!

Completing a proposal

The Completed status is now automatically applied to proposals that do not have any more active services originating from the proposal.

If you need to end an engagement with a client, you need to navigate to the specific clients Services tab end all the active services originating from the proposal.

Adjusting a proposal

In the New Proposal Editor, once a proposal is accepted it generates active services pertaining to that proposal.

The proposal in question won't be able to changed anymore but you can edit and change the active services!

You can choose to notify or not notify your client about the changes to their proposal.

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