Ignition & XPM best practice checklist

A quick start guide for those wanting to use Ignition with XPM

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To make sure the Ignition and XPM integration is optimised for best practice, we recommend the following:

Please note: This is not an exhaustive guide! Please refer to our article collection here for more information.


Authorise 3rd party access in XPM under the API access privileges to ensure you have the required privileges

Have your XPM sync direction from XPM, with ‘everything’ synced selected

✅ Keep client names as first names, last name in XPM so that clients are engaged like this in Ignition.

✅ Ensure you have all of your partners, managers, and staff assigned and linked as team members in Ignition to avoid job deployment failure

✅ Remove any old client data and duplicates in XPM prior to connecting Ignition

✅ Keep client name sync ON in Ignition Xero app settings to keep your records consistent

✅ Have your job templates follow an annual structure (i.e 12 monthly tasks for bookkeeping)

Map all relevant job templates at the library level to make job deployment and management efficient and easy for yourself

✅ Use proposal level billings to ensure invoices are mapped to unique jobs

✅ Have one annual job per client, utilising tasks on your job templates to break down the workflow (this includes entities in groups)

✅ Ensure your job states are in a ‘standard state’ so that invoices from Xero blue can allocate accordingly


⛔ Attempt to have different naming conventions for clients due to internal processes (i.e 1478 Blue Bell Group) that differ from what you would present client-facing proposals

⛔ Have different naming conventions in Xero & XPM (or you may run the risk of invoices not allocating to the correct client job)

⛔ Have 'Create ad-hoc job' for miscellaneous invoices turned ON. This can run the risk of invoices that are not mapped correctly creating additional jobs in XPM

⛔ Have Xero subscriptions or other disbursements included in annual proposals and jobs

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